All Historical investment data is wrong after recent update

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When I look at the historical value for my Investment accounts (it is a TD ameritrade IRA) everything prior to around July is wrong (it wasn't wrong last time I did a net worth over time report). Now all my data looks to be about tripled - though is correct since around July. I mean one of the main things I use quicken for is tracking net worth over time so this error basically makes this program/subscription irrelevant to me. If it can't be fixed I need to just cancel the subscription. I have over 10 years of historical data in here.


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    I have a very similar circumstance. Between my wife and myself, we have roughly 10 Morgan Stanley accounts. On or near July 1, 2020, the value of the stocks held in about half of these accounts ballooned by as much as 80%. Then, as of July 1, 2022, the value returned to a more normal value. The only action that occurred when this suddenly appeared, Quicken changed my connection to our Chase bank accounts (which goes without saying has nothing to do with our investment accounts). During the Chase change, a large number of my downloaded Chase transactions were duplicated, forcing me to manually delete the duplicates. While I'm very frustrated with the changes forced with Chase, I'm baffled as to what caused the balance of my MS investment accounts, nor what caused it to return to more accurate levels one year later.
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    You have to dig into the data to see where the discrepancy is. @ChicagoGMan if you're saying your data is wrong from he beginning of time up until July 2022, when things are suddenly correct, there might be a stock split transaction which is recorded incorrectly affecting your prior values, or there might be placeholder transaction(s) in your register which Quicken inserted to try to match what it was receiving from he financial institution. It's impossible to know without spending a little time looking at the Quicken portfolio versus brokerage statements as of a few different dates to get a handle on where the problem lies.
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