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I have a new Mac Powerbook and ordered Quicken Deluxe CDV1 and have older Desktop Mac running 10.13.6 High Serria can I upgrade the olde Quicken 17 to this new version or will that mess up on the Mac OS 10.13.6 as think I tried a new version of Quicken some year ago and would not work on this older Desktop and not sure how much more upgrade I can do to Mac OS????? Thanks so much


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    It was hard to fully understand your question because it was all one long sentence, but let me try to answer what I think you're asking.

    You have an older Mac desktop running High Sierra and Quicken 2017, correct? (Just making sure it's 2017 and not 2007). And now you have a new Mac laptop.

    You said you ordered Quicken Deluxe "CDV1". I'm not sure about that designation; are you saying you purchased Quicken on a CD? (FYI, there's no reason to purchase a CD version nowadays, as the first thing the software on the CD does is download the current release from Quicken's website — the same as you would do if you purchased a download-only version of the software.) I assume your older desktop Mac has a CD drive, and of course the new laptop does not.

    Can you upgrade your Quicken 2017 data to run on the current Quicken Mac software? Yes, Quicken Mac 6.9, the current release, will import and upgrade your 2017 data file to the current database format. Once you update the data, you you can still open your old Quicken 2017 program and your old 2017 data file on the old computer, should you need to; it is not changed or deleted by the installation of the current Quicken Mac. But your new Quicken Mac data file can't be used with the old Quicken 2017 program. 

    You're asking if you can run the current Quicken Mac on the old Mac running High Sierra. Until about a week ago, I would have told you yes, it still runs on High Sierra, even though Quicken only officially says it supports the current operating system (Monterey) and the two most recent (Big Sur and Catalina). I run Quicken on a Mac running the next older operating system, Mojave, and it runs perfectly fine — even though it's older than the operating systems officially supported. Other users have reported it runs fine on High Sierra, one generation older, as well. But in the past week, a few users have reported that they can't log in to Quicken's website to authenticate their software on High Sierra. It's not clear whether something in a recent release of Quicken broke compatibility with High Sierra or not. You can try it; it may or may not work.

    If your Mac desktop is an iMac, you can update it to run macOS Mojave if it is a "Late 2012" model or later. If it is older than that, High Sierra is the end of the line for that iMac. As I said, the current Quicken Mac still appears to work fine on Mojave, although a few recently added small features now require Catalina or above. 

    I'm not sure I understand what your intentions are with the two Macs. Are you wanting to run Quicken on both computers? It's possible to do this, but there are some specific methods you'll need to follow to move the data file back and forth between the two computers. I can point you to information about that if it's something you're considering.

    If this doesn't fully address your questions, please reply with more clarity about what you are wanting to do, we can point you in the right direction. 

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