If I'm using a pc that is not connected to the Internet does it pay to renew my membership?

I purchased Quicken Deluxe 2020 in October 2020. I installed it using a disc. I had to go on line once to register it as I recall. Since then I've been running it on my pc that is NOT connected to the Internet. I let my membership automatically renew last year (although since I am not on line, my screen has continued to tell me my membership has expired). Unless I'm missing something, for someone in my circumstances it seems a waste to renew my membership. I would appreciate any comments / clarifications on my situation. Thanks in advance.


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    If you do not use any of the online banking features (evidently you are not) and do not mind the reduced screen space due to the renewal banner and side frame, there is no reason to renew unless there is some bug that gets fixed that is preventing you from using Quicken the way you want.

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