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I have a credit card account and I need to change the url for the website for automatic downloads. I can't find a way to do that. Can anyone help?


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    We users cannot do that.  If your Financial Institution (FI) has changed their URL for downloads into Quicken they will need to inform Intuit/Quicken.  Intuit/Quicken will then be able to make the necessary change(s) to the FIDIR.txt file (FI Directory).  The FIDIR is what Quicken uses for setting up downloading connections.

    If you don't mind my asking, which credit card are you referring to?  Also, who is the credit card issuer?

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  • I have an old Fidelity Visa card managed "by Elan". The Elan website changed a day or so ago and not only can I not download transactions through Quicken (because there doesn't seem to be any more logon), but when I go to there's no way to logon.

    So, I thought that if I changed the url for the card to the regular Fidelity website, that I could download transactions from there.

    If you, or anyone else, has any thoughts for how to get around this, I'd appreciate the suggestion.

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    Have you looked at your credit card statement for the URL?
    Have you tried calling the 800 - number on your credit card statement or the back of your credit card?
    They should have up to date information about website URLs and what the correct Financial Institution name to use in Quicken should be.
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    I, too, have a Fidelity Rewards Visa Card issued by Elan Financial and it has been working well for OSU and Update Now downloads...including this morning.  I am not aware of any Elan URL changes for accessing my online account.  The URL for online access to Elan issued credit cards is Credit Card Account Access: Log In (, not

    One of the things that we need to keep in mind is that Quicken connects to financial institutions differently that we do.  The URL that is shown in Quicken is simply for reference and sometimes (like with Elan) if we click on it we cannot log in on the web page that opens.

    Some additional comments:
    • IMO, the best and most reliable method for getting the Fidelity Visa Card set up in Quicken and seems to present the fewest connection issues:  From Add Account or Set Up Now, select Elan Financial Services and during setup process you simply enter your Elan Financial online account login information.   
    • The next best option to set up the Fidelity Visa Card in Quicken from Add Account or Set Up Now is to use the Fidelity Rewards Card link.  The online account login is at URL Credit Card Account Access: Log In (  I can't remember if you need to have a unique login for this URL or if you can use the same login used for Elan Financial Services. 
    • The poorest reliability connection for the Fidelity Rewards Card is the Fidelity Investments link.  Sometimes the Fidelity Visa Card can be set up for download via this setup link but sometimes not.  And if you are successful in setting it up via this link then future downloads can be quite unreliable.
    Getting back to your issue:  When you try downloading your Fidelity Visa Card transactions, are you getting an error code or error message?  If so, what is it? 

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  • Thanks to both of you for your comments.

    I've tried a few things. I have not yet tried calling the 800 number. That will be on the agenda for next week.

    This is the error message I get when I try to download from just the one account:
    It appears one or more account(s) at FIA Card services have been deleted. This could happen if you have restored from a backup file. You must add the account(s) to Quicken again. Select Fix it to resolve this error. For more information see the FAQ.

    I logged in through and not only is the account still there, but I could push transactions to my computer from the web site.

    I had been using the download function for a long time. The only thing that I can think of that changed is that there was a new version of Quicken that I installed a few days ago (maybe even the day before the problem started).

    When the issue first occurred, I was doing a one-step update and got a window with this message:
    Wait. Your financial institution has a request. CC-508

    Elan Financial Services reports that there is a new page or popup on their website that requires your attention. Most likely it is a confirmation of their terms of service, or a paperless statement agreement.

    1. Log in to their website and navigate until you can see your transactions, answering any questions along the way.
    2. Return to Quicken and try again.

    That was what led me to the url with no login possibility that I mentioned above.

    Thanks again for the help. I will be offline until Tuesday or Wednesday, so I won't be able to try much with this immediately.

    All the best,
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    My Fidelity Reward Visa Card stop downloading around Sept 15th, I downloaded (Manually) 4 transactions all posted 9/19/22. I just finished yesterday with the Quicken Help Center solving a similar Issue with Bank of America. It is becoming very very frustrating. I'm about to quit Quicken and use Excel.
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    fjbango said:
    My Fidelity Reward Visa Card stop downloading around Sept 15th, I downloaded (Manually) 4 transactions all posted 9/19/22. I just finished yesterday with the Quicken Help Center solving a similar Issue with Bank of America. It is becoming very very frustrating. I'm about to quit Quicken and use Excel.
    Which setup link is your card connected with?  If it is with Fidelity Investments or Fidelity Rewards Card, I strongly recommend that you deactivate it (Account Details > Online Services tab > Deactivate), remove all the Financial Institution Information (all of the information above the Contact Name line on the General Services tab...account must first be deactivated in order to do this) and then do Set Up Now (Online Services tab) or Add Account and use the Elan Financial Services setup link.  Before you do this, be sure to back up your data file.

    If you have not already done so, you will need to set up an online account with Elan before you can add the Card account with them in Qiucken at the URL link provided in my earlier post in this thread.  The Elan setup link provides, IMO, the most reliable (by far) OSU download link for this particular credit card.  I have been using it for the last nearly 3 years and rarely have any issues with it.

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