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The column "Market Value" defined as "Current price times number of shares you own" and shows a total across from the account name. However, the total includes the cash in the account which means the total shown in the "Market Value" column is actually the "Account Value" for which there is no column to display as far as I can find.
This makes the "Market Value (%)" column incorrect for each stock because you're dividing a stock market value by the "Market Value" column total which includes the cash in the accounts.
Is there a column for "Account Value" I'm missing?


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    Are you referring to the Investing > Portfolio views? If so, I will edit the title to make it clearer.

    When these views are grouped by account, the Market Value next to the account name applies to the whole account, including any cash, and the Market Value (%) shows the account's percentage of the accounts selected for the view. The Market Value (%) next to the securities in the account is that security's  percentage of the whole account, as you note.

    If you want to exclude the cash in these calculations, you can click on Customize then select the Securities tab and un-check the box for No security (includes cash).
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