Chase migration caused the los of 6 years transactions on United Milage CC!

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Chase migration caused the loss of 6 years of transaction data on United Mileage CC. Any idea what has happened?


  • Jon
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    Did it create a new account in Quicken instead of linking to the existing account?

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  • jacobs
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    The migration shouldn't have caused any existing data to be lost. Are you sure it didn't create a new account for your United credit card, but the old one still exists? If you go to Accounts > Hide and Show Accounts, check to make sure there is only one United Mileage Plus credit card account in your data file. (If you did end up with two accounts, it will be easy to merge them.)

    If you find there is only one account, and all the data from the past is missing, it might be easiest to revert to a backup from before you did the conversion, in order to try again.
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