How to update my Chase account connection to EWC+

When is this supposed to happen? I'm told to make the update by September 26; I have not seen any link in Quicken when I update my accounts to download transactions to Quicken from my Chase bank credit cards and checking account. If there is some way for me to complete the steps manually, in Quicken, I can't find the option. Calling support is not practical--I need to be in front of my computer for that.


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    You were long ago supposed to have a dialog that pops up when you start One Step Update that has you "reauthorize".  There are other people reporting the same problem.  As of now I haven't seen any workaround, and in general the only suggestion is to contact Quicken support.
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     Here is what I did - works for some, and others have various issues & problems
    - running R43.26 for a few days - created daily Backups - ran - File --> Validate --> [x] Validate
    1 - went thru and manually DE-activated ALL my Chase accounts before even starting this process.
    2 - also went thru and Quicken CLOSED any old Chase accts that were in fact actually closed.
    3 - then did a Quicken ADD ACCOUNT for Chase - and followed the directions to Authorize, Select which accts, etc
    4 - all accounts showed up with their nicknames and able to LINK to their existing Quicken accts
    5 - screen said that 5,300 transactions were downloaded - in fact, none actually showed up.
    6 - only 1 dup during this process.
    7 - next day - OSU - and a handful of dup transactions downloaded - from around 9/2/22 - and today is 9/18/22
    8 - will see how next week goes... with OSU and dups.
    9 - the Opening Balance in one acct was weird - but had saved it into the Memo field as suggested by another user
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