Had detail tracking with Vanguard, now QMac says only Simple Tracking. WTH?

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Quicken Deluxe V6.9.0 Build 609.45401.100 on macOS12.6

I use Quicken Deluxe so I may track COST and details of Brokerage transactions. Today, I update passwords and now QUICKEN is limiting me to "Simple Tracking". No thank you. Seeing transactions is necessary. If I just wanted simple I would have purchase subscription level software and could simply track in a spreadsheet.

WTF? Pardo the expression. But hey Quicken - how do I get detailed transactions? And, more important, when did you unilaterally decide on this and not inform your customers?


  • As another piece of information ... detail transactions were downloading through the end of August.
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    @egNoName There are dozens of threads on this site about this issue with Vanguard popping up in recent months, but I don't think I've ever read a clear answer about how people get it resolved. I don't believe the answer is that you can no longer download transactions with Vanguard. My suggestion is to call Quicken Support during the week and have them work through it with you. 
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  • jacobs, I read many of those threads and did not see a resolution posted anywhere. I will reach out to Quicken support as other have done with no success. Some were sent down the path of trying a new file, which did not work. But I will attempt Quicken support.
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    @egNoName If you do get to the bottom of it with Quicken Support, it would be great if you could post back here to report on what you/they do to get it to work. Sorry I don't have that magic answer for you! ;)
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  • jacobs ... today I resolved my situation ....

    I went into the gear icon (settings) for my Vanguard in Quicken
    I then chose "Change Connection Type"
    On the window that appears, Quicken had chosen (by default) the Quicken connection (and in the fine print if the description of that connection choice, it says about using quickens aggregate)
    I chose "Direct Connection" and then entered my credentials for my Vanguard account. And voila I get all my transactions downloading again.

    I preface the above with somewhere in my attempts, I had ended the download to Quicken on this account. So I don't know if those still having issues need to do that step first. Sorry, I don't remember.

    But I think if those with similar issues (quicken giving only the "simple" tracking verses being able to do detail tracking) - they may want to try changing the connection type to "Direct Connection". And they can check other accounts they have that are getting all the transactions - to see if those have "Direct Connection". That is what I did. I had a joint vanguard account in quicken that was still getting all the details. And that account had "direct connection" which is why I decided on my individual vanguard account in quicken, to try that connection type.

    hope this helps.
    ps> I didnt contact quicken support
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