Transactions importing with 1922 date instead of 2022 date

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I imported transactions from my bank (via QIF file) with dates from Jan through May of 2022 and they imported directly into my register with dates of 1922 instead of 2022. Is this a Quicken bug or a problem with the data coming from my bank? (I imported the same data in to Excel using the csv file option and the dates show as 2022 so it seems that the raw bank data is correct). How do I figure this out and is there a way to mass delete all transactions out of my register with a 1922 date?


  • Chris_QPW
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    It is a problem with the dates in the QIF file generated by your financial institution.  They are using only 2 digits for the year.  Other programs might do it differently (the QIF format was never standardized), but Quicken Windows expects the date in one of these three formats:
    mm/dd/yy (this implies 19yy)
    mm/dd'yy (this implies 20yy)

    You can run your QIF file through my free conversion program called ImportQIF to fix the dates, or just use it to convert from CSV to QIF in the proper format.  You can get it from here:
    This is my website:
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