Older Mac Desktop what Quicken can use?

Steve Ecton
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I have a NEW powerbook and installed the latest Quicken on it BUT also have a Desktop Version. 10.13.6 High Serria and think I tried to install a updated Quicken in the past and would not work on this older OS on Desktop. How high can I upgrade over Desktop Mid 2011 or update Quicken without problems? Thanks so much


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    Officially, Quicken supports the current and two latest operating systems (Monterey, Big Sur and Catalina). I have a Mac with the next older operating system, Mojave, and it still runs Quicken without problems. Quicken may still run on High Sierra; to the best of my knowledge, Quicken ended compatibility only for macOS Sierra and earlier, but a few people have recently reported being unable to sign in on High Sierra.

    If you have a mid-2011 iMac, you can't upgrade your macOS beyond High Sierra; Mojave requires a Late 1012 or later iMac. 

    So, you can try to install Quicken on your iMac running High Sierra. But if it doesn't work, I'm afraid you may be out of luck for using Quicken on that computer. (It is, after all, an 11 year-old computer running an operating system five versions old.) 
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  • Well my Thanks for the help...and yes..I do ramble too long on this subject but just stuck with the older desktop and the New Laptop Pro is so loaded with great new stuff can't use in the older desktop but just hate getting "new" as spend such time getting everything back to a simi normal. Stay well friend and Thanks again.
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