Can I delete my Quicken Mobile file and create a new one?

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I have used Quicken since 2009.
Issue: My Quicken Mobile (iPhone) account agrees with my PC Quicken data, except that the Mobile data incorrectly shows I have 63,079 shares of a mutual fund. I only have 3,997 shares of that fund, as correctly shown on my PC Quicken account. I'm hoping I can just select and delete my Quicken Mobile account and then re-create it. I'm a little afraid of damaging/destroying my Quicken PC account data. Can anyone help me with how to proceed? Thanks, DaveJ99


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    There is an option to reset your cloud data in preferences under Mobile & Web which will upload a fresh new copy of your PC Quicken Data to the cloud for their Mobile & Web application.  Basically a way to wipe out the Mobile data with a fresh total new upload from your PC.

    Oh, check your PC Quicken for hidden investment accounts that are maybe being uploaded to Mobile.  It may be that your mobile has multiple investment accounts due to some duplication.
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    JRod, thanks. That sure seems like it should have worked, but it didn't. All indications were that "Reset your cloud data" worked (signs said "erasing data" and then it re-sync'd with my PC data. But, when I opened and signed into my Mobile data, the investment area still incorrectly showed that I have 63,079 shares of a mutual fund where it should show 3,997 shares. I repeated the reset to verify.

    I also made sure that all hidden accounts were closed.

    If the PC data is correctly syncing to the Web data, which seems to be the case, then somehow my Mobile data is either not opening the correct account or is not capable of erasing that one item for some reason.
    Any ideas on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated.
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