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I'm 80. Running Windows 10 with all current updates. I use Quicken 2015 on my desktop PC for my checking and savings accounts only. I write checks by hand - only 3 per year. I don't use mobile devices for financial transactions. So I see no advantage for me to switch to a subscription based system.

Originally I had a single 1080p monitor and the default text size was OK. Added a second 2160p monitor and default text size is now too small. I've managed to increase text size in the main register panel but in the Accounts and Bill and Income Reminders panels and also in other windows the text remains too small. Also in some of the other windows the buttons at the bottom are only partially visible. I hope someone can show me how to get all the text back to a legible size. I've attached some screen shots for illustration.

Can I stop Quicken 2015 trying to check for updates? Each time I open it I get an error message that it couldn't check and the only option is a "Close" button which closes the program. I then have to open it again and this time it opens without checking for updates.


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    Have you tried right clicking on the Windows desktop, clicking on Display settings, and changing the size under Scale and layout?

    Setting it over 100% should make everything bigger, but note that Quicken's print preview only works correctly if it is set to 100%. If you make this change, you should turn off "Use large fonts" under the View menu.
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    My original settings in Scale and layout were the recommended 100% for the 1080p monitor and 150% for the 2160p monitor. I tried increasing the size and, of course, everything got bigger. But when the Accounts panel is a legible size the register panel text is too large.

    Now this is where it gets weird. I reset the Scale on the 1080p monitor (this is where I view Quicken) to 100% and now text in the Accounts panel is a legible size but text in the register panel is way too big. I don't think I changed any other settings but at my age you just never know!

    If (in Quicken) I select Edit>Preferences>Register>Fonts the font size is set to 8, the smallest size available! So is there some way I can make the register text smaller?

    I've attached another file so you can see how much bigger the register text is.

    [Edited Screenshot to Remove Sensitive Info]
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