Account balance in report is WAY OFF

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Ran a "net worth over time" report today which is just account balances at year end and last column being today.  I noticed that for my Charles Schwab checking, the balance strangely is WAY WAY off.  As in in this report, it shows over $100k NEGATIVE since 2013 growing more negative yearly until it shows (in the report) today as -$196018.  If you look behind the report in the account list, you can see this is 100% wrong. 

In the report options, all transactions are showing (there are no filters).  This report has worked for YEARS and I don't have a clue why so many reports these days have trash data.  Is anyone else finding account data in reports is vastly wrong / different than actual value in the account list?  (this has been reported to quicken via the "report a problem" tool, but I never hear back from them.


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    Just a few shots in the dark ...
    In this data file, did you ever archive transactions to a separate archive file, using Year End Copy or the File Copy process with a cutoff date?
    In that situation, transfer transactions between accounts, dated prior to the cutoff date, which are not reconciled in both account registers, will stay behind in the current data file and cause a weird looking running balance. After cutoff date, the running balance will be correct.
    Did you ever delete accounts with all their transactions, including transfer transactions to other accounts? These will now be left hanging and may also cause incorrect balances.
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    Do you use the paycheck wizard to enter your paychecks in the Charles Schwab checking account? If so, it could be the paycheck corruption issue that started occurring in March. Please have a look at this discussion covering that issue:

    There have also been issues lately with Schwab post the Direct Connect to Express Web Connect + changeover. One common issue is the opening balance transaction amount being changed. 

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    @mshiggins thanks for the heads up on the paycheck corruption issue.  This might be it.  I set up my paycheck years ago but I do use the paycheck wizard every year for one time / annual bonuses (to make a one off paycheck). 

    As for the EWC+ I don't think it's that b/c the balance in the account ledger / account list is correct, it's only in the report where the amount is incorrect.
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