Mac Update 6.9.0 has rendered my Quicken software unusable - Resolved.. BANK ERROR

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After latest update, the first sign of trouble was an interface problem with American Express not downloading transactions. Now the problem is, after the easy one-step update is selected; the progress wheel spins and spins. The only way to regain control of Quicken is to force a quit and start the program again. I have tried re-installing the program. (no joy) I have tried disconnecting AmEx from any on-line updates. (no joy) I have tried to be patient and just let the spinning progress-wheel turn (for hours!) Nothing works. The Quicken software is now junk.


  • I was able to salvage the AmEx transaction downloads with a reconnection to Direct Connect with my bank, USAA. However this did not fix my overall problem with the never-ending spinning progress wheel. Something in the latest update is causing the program to hang during the update cycle.
  • OK. I owe Quicken an apology. Turns out my local bank is in the middle of a bank takeover from another local bank and it was their online banking platform that was causing the hangups. The Quicken update just happened to have been pushed out at the same time my local bank was changing their online platform. After I disabled the local bank online connection, the one-step update for my other online accounts worked as advertised.
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    @HighflyerVII I'm glad you persisted and got to the bottom of it. Just for your future knowledge, it is rare that an update of the Quicken program code will break connectivity with a specific financial institution. If a bug with connectivity makes it into a new release, it would usually have a widespread impact, not just a since financial institution. Issues with specific financial institutions are almost always on the back-end, unrelated to updates of the program. Most frequently, a bank makes a change to their servers or website, and that breaks Quicken's connectivity, which is run by Intuit; sometimes the financial institution needs to make further changes, sometimes Intuit needs to make changes to "catch up" to what the financial institution changed, and sometimes both. It's rare that a change in the program code would create, or fix, a connectivity problem.
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