Not able to reactivate after deactivating Online Services

For some reason "Update Now" stopped updating my latest transactions from a bank with three accounts. (My other accounts still update as usual.) It now appears that they are OFFLINE accounts and I can only IMPORT/EXPORT. So I'm trying to get that bank and its accounts back online. However at SETUP ONLINE/ACTIVATE ONE STEP UPDATE// it acts as if I'm setting up a new "checking" account. When I try to overwrite this with the name of the account, it says "Name already in use". I can't get past this point.

Any ideas of what to try short of creating new accounts? TIA


  • splasher
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    You are getting that response because you are trying to "Add" an account versus "Link" to an account.
    You need to change "Add" to "Link" when given the opportunity.

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  • Mark Velarde
    Thanks but I don't get any windows that have an option to link. This also after removing all bank references in the accounts' EDIT ACCOUNT DETAILS window. Aggravating but at least I still have the ability to download manually. Will try to mess with it more tomorrow.
  • UKR
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    To activate this bank account again for downloading use the "+" icon in the Account sidebar title to start the Add Account process. Select the bank name and follow instructions to logon to the bank. You will come to a screen showing a list of all the accounts found at the bank.

    If you are activating an existing account, make sure the dropdown button for that account says LINK. If it says ADD, change it to LINK and select the correct Quicken account register.  If it already says LINK, click the button and select the correct existing account register. If you do not do this, then the account will be added as a new account instead of being linked to the existing account register.
    Repeat this step for each account listed.
    Accounts which are already activated will not be available to be activated again. They would have to be deactivated before you can begin the process of (re-)activation.
    Accounts which are available to be activated, but you don't want to activate them can be skipped/ignored/marked do not activate.

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