Chase & BoA - Express Web Connect+ does not work

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Since updating to Express Web Connect on my Chase account and now on my Bank of America accounts, I no longer get any transaction downloads. Quicken tech support says they have no fix for this problem other than manual downloads from each account and importing to Quicken. This seems to be a backward move by Quicken. Will there be a fix? When? It's been over a month for Chase and there's been nothing about resolution.


  • Chris_QPW
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    ffinlay said:
    Will there be a fix? 
    My guess would be yes, eventually they will figure it out and fix it.
    ffinlay said:
    No one knows.  There are always two phases to fixing a problem.  One is finding out what is causing the problem, and the other actually fixing it.  No one can really give an accurate estimate on when something is going to be fixed before they find the cause.  And I suspect that once they find the problem, it wouldn't take very long to fix it.  So, in this case you will know when it starts working.  In fact, if history replays itself most likely the users will be reporting that it is working for them before the Moderators ever announce that it is fixed.
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    This time, I really think Quicken is broken. It's been at least a month since I migrated my Chase accounts to EWC+, and it hasn't worked since then. This is not acceptable to have no ETA on a fix when you pay good money for a product that is now not working. I am actively looking for another program since Quicken is now unreliable.
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