My Macbook Died I can't find my backup

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My Macbook pro died and I can't find where the QDATA_ backup file thing is. I have two dropbox accounts, 1 google drive and an Icloud. My iphone and ipad are currently operating but I want to use Quicken on my wife's computer and I don't know where to find the data file. Sincerly Mr Frustrated


  • RickO
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    What version of QMac are you using? For the current product, you are looking for a file with extension .quickenbackup

    The default location is User > Library > Application Support > Quicken > Backups. Click the Go menu in Finder with Option key held down to access your user Library folder.
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  • jacobs
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    b43bobbyb said:
     I have two dropbox accounts, 1 google drive and an Icloud. 
    Unless you set Quicken to backup to one of those locations, you won't magically find the files there unfortunately. I don't imagine you had a Time Machine backup as well, did you? 
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    The Quicken backup files are located wherever you told Quicken to create them, or when you told Dropbox, Google, etc - to copy certain files to the cloud …. 

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