Chase download skipped nine days...

Hi all... longtime (since 1996) Quicken user here. I updated the Chase connection a few weeks ago and left on a trip. Everything looked good before I left. Today, the Chase credit card download skipped nine days of transactions and only downloaded two that posted yesterday. Anyone else had issues with the new connection? I have no problem adding the last nine days manually provided it's smooth sailing going forward. Thanks.


  • Chris_QPW
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    I can't comment on the if the going forward there will be more missing transactions, but I thought I would mention that you can go to Chase's website and download a time range of transactions in the form of a Web Connect/QFX file, and then import that into Quicken.
    This is my website:
  • BRTardiff
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    Thanks. I may use that old school method to patch together the destruction left behind by this new and improved method.
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