one-step update hangs when doing Chase accounts

I recently updated my Chase accounts as you requested. Now when downloading chase account trans, the update hangs with first use, whether it is run independently or in on-step update. Once I force the stop (ctl-alt-delete), I open Quicken again a second time and the update works properly. I update once a day and its the same each day, I must run twice for Chase to download properly. All other accounts are downloaded okay.


  • Tom Young
    Tom Young SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    I'm not sure why that's happening but if I was in your shoes the first thing I'd try is to simply look and see if all the Chase Accounts really are using EWC+ as their downloading method.  If they are using EWC+ then the next thing I'd do is make a backup,  then click on "Reset Account" under the Online Services tab of the Account Details to see if that corrects the situation.  If that doesn't do it, then I'd make sure all Chase Accounts have "Automatic entry" off, and go the Deactivate/reactivate route, with all the transactions tucked away in the Downloaded Transactions area where duplicate transactions can be deleted en masse.
    If OSU still hangs, it's time to call Official Quicken Support.
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