Quicken Starter for Mac - transaction reports showing only "Payee" VS "Statement Payee"

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Sometimes the "statement payee" name is slightly different than "payee" name as downloaded from the bank. Is there a way to show 'statement payee' on a report? Example. I wanted to separate Amazon Prime subscription from purchases. The payee column shows as Amazon. I wrote a renaming rule to get around this. However, am finding more and more instances where statement payee name is different than payee name. Thank you


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    Enable the Statement Payee column in the register by clicking menu View > Columns.

    There isn't an actual report that will show Statement Payee. But you can generate a report of sorts from the register by going to File > Print and then choosing Transaction or Category detail. You may want to use the search and/or filter drop down options on the register beforehand to limit what's included.
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    Super! That provides a workaround. Thanks you!
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    @Bonbon Two things which might further help you...

    (1) If you edit the name of an existing Payee — such as changing Quicken's Payee name back to the Statement Payee name if you prefer that — Quicken will ask if you want to rename the Payee for all existing transactions using that Payee. So if you have a number o Payee names which aren't what you want, it's pretty quick to edit each of them and accept it renaming that Payee for all existing transactions. 

    (2) For transactions going forward, if there's a Payee that comes in where you wish it stayed as the name in the Statement Payee, this is what Renaming Rules accomplish. Create a rule to rename rename Statement Payee name ABC to ABC to defeat Quicken from renaming the Payee, or rename Quicken Payee name XYZ to ABC to make the Payee name exactly what you want.
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