A slightly different Express Web Connect+ problem

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@Quicken Anja I wanted to add my problem with EWC+ in the hope that it will help as it is not just a Chase problem.

I successfully updated my Chase CC account to EWC+ many days ago without a problem. I had to reset my BOA CC account at the same time and it converted to EWC+. I have two other bank account that are using EWC without the +. All of the EWC accounts stopped downloading yesterday. They don’t even try to download or appear on the summary screen.

Still had the problem today so I tried resetting the accounts. The two EWC bank accounts reset without a problem. However, the two EWC+ accounts after the enter username and password screen, go to the "gray screen of death" and freeze Quicken. After some additional testing it appears that any attempt by Quicken to access the two EWC+ banks lead to the gray screen. The only way out is to use task manager to close and restart Quicken.

I wanted to share the issue and would appreciate any thoughts on how to get the two EWC+ accounts to download again.


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    This issue has been resolved by deactivating and reactivating the two EWC+ accounts and resetting the two EWC. Hope this helps someone else in the future.
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