Is there a tax planner "as of" or date freeze capability?

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When using the tax planner, is there a way to dell it to use the data up to a certain date in the year?  I use this for estimated taxes.
If that capability doesn't exist, does saving a scenario save date of the date for when the scenario was saved?  Once again, for estimated taxes.
Is there any way to create more than 3 Tax Planner scenarios?  Maybe in a config or .ini file?

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  • EmKay
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    Would also like to know this, to see if my numbers are on track using the planner instead of by running reports.

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  • Chris_QPW
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    The answer is no, the Tax Planner doesn’t have that feature.

    You can make a suggestion to add it by going the Home page on this forum and selecting New Post -> New Idea, so that it can be voted on.
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  • markus1957
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    Since estimated taxes generally require equal installments, except in cases where income is irregular, I'm assuming you are trying to model that case of irregular income. The planner cannot do that.

    If you have scheduled reminders set up and accurately reporting to the planner, it will provide an accurate end of year status for most cases. The formula in the Annualized Income Worksheet for estimated taxes is more complicated than the tax Planner could ever accommodate.
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