How to prevent Bill Reminders from automatically entering into register

I would like to enter the bill reminders manually into the register


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    They should only enter automatically if set to "auto". 

    Could it  be that you are seeing them in the register as reminders rather than actually entered?  Please check your settings for the register in question and verify that it is set to not show reminders in the register.
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    First, I would check to confirm that the Reminders themselves are set up to be not automatically entered into the register.  Edit the Reminder and under Optional Settings make sure that it is not set to be Automatically entered and is instead set to Remind you X number of days prior to the due date.
    Second, in the Account Register:  At the top right you should see a Clock icon with an upside down triangle on the right side of it.  Click on that and make sure that Don't show reminders is selected.
    FYI, if something other than Don't show reminders is selected it does not mean they will be automatically entered into the Account Register.  It simply means that they will be shown there.  Some people (including me) like that feature because it helps us to get a quick view of future account balances to help ensure there will be sufficient funds to cover the Reminders amounts.  To make showing Reminders in the register much more valuable there is a Status column that can or should be shown in the Register.  This Status column should be the 1st column on the left side and the column header will have a blue dot in it.  If you do not see this column in your Account Register you can click on the upper right Gear icon > Register columns > check the box for Status > Done...this will add that column.  After the column is added, it will show the status of the Reminder (such as Upcoming, Due, Uncleared, Overdue, etc.).  It's a nice and fast way of seeing in the Account Register what actions with the Reminder need to be taken. 

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