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I've seen discussions specific to when there's a related cash account. The answer was not relevant to me (delete the cash account?! That's not just hard but you miss the point of having software "solutions," it's faster and more accurate!?). There was also some nitpicking about what does "reconciled" mean. This is also irrelevant. I don't trust Quicken's reconciliation for investment transactions because they don't actually mark what they've compared. That's pretty crazy! 

All I want to be able to do is MARK the transactions that I'VE manually checked so I don't find myself doing it again. There once was a way to do this by creating a banking transaction report on the investment account and using the std windows mechanism of holding down shift-key or control-key for selecting transactions to mark and then changing their status as a group. That no longer works! 

When Quicken removes a function and doesn't replace it with something that works at least as well makes no sense...well, suffice it to say that I think Moneydance may be in my future. 

Give me a way to "gang" mark my investment transactions! I need to know that the bought/sold date, $amount and, for a Sold, which shares are involved. I suspect Quicken doesn't check all of those things but I do. But I want to do it once rather than looking at every one of the "c" transactions again and again. NEVER take a function away from your customers.


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    Select the gear icon in the investment register and then Edit Multiple Transactions.  From there you can select multiple transactions and then select the "Mark Reconciled (R)" button.
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