Not showing future transactions from BofA with Quicken Connect

Niels S
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Hi - very disappointed in the user experience change when using Quicken Connect with BofA. Historically, when using Direct Connect, future transactions (made with BofA Bill Pay) would be reflected in the register enabling future cash flow planning. With Quicken Connect this is now not possible. Per instructions I have located I have now "down graded" to Direct Connect such that I can still receive future scheduled transactions but assuming Direct Connect may get phased out one day, I feel this is a fundamental flaw to be addressed in Quicken Connect. Especially as in every connection to BofA, the user is prompted to switch to Quicken Connect. Would appreciate some indication of plans to improve Quicken Connect to continue supporting future transactions.


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    I'm with you Niels S - I have the same issue - This is a step backwards. How did you downgrade?
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    Direct Connect is a two-way protocol, where Quicken can create transactions at the Financial Institution. Quicken Connect (a.k.a. EWC and EWC+) is a one-way communication protocol from the FI to Quicken. Some financial institutions have been deciding to drop support for Direct Connect. It's not Quicken's decision, or anything Quicken can "fix".

    The "workaround" is to take one of your recent recurring transactions in Quicken, and turn it to a scheduled transaction, while at the same time, creating the payment/deposit transaction on the financial institution's website. So the set-up requires entering the transaction twice, but then moving forward, it should work smoothly; when the transaction occurs at the financial institution, it will download to Quicken and auto-match the scheduled transaction you have in Quicken (or you can manually match it if it fails to auto match).  
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