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I saw this message when I opened Quicken this morning. It said that this feature was being turned off while you worked on bugs in it. Well, I wanted to say that I was one of the people who turned in a complaint, but the problem wasn't the feature, it was the documentation. It took a very long time to find this in the documentation and when I did, it did not appear to be working as described. I later figured out on my own what this feature was doing and I like it. There may still be some bugs in it that others have caught, but I just wanted to let you know that my complaint was based on not knowing what it is and when I looked it up, the documentation being poor/wrong.


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    Can you explain why you like it?  I would think that a pending transaction for gas of either $1 or $100 is of no benefit when a couple days later you will have the finalized transaction.  A restaurant pending charge before the tip is applied is another example of a charge that provides confusing information.

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    Maybe at any point in time you can see your basic ending balance without the chance of forgetting about an expense that has not posted. The pending charges can be reviewed. Could also eliminate the need to manually enter transactions.
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