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How do I record into Quicken, a non-listed stock that was bought through a Startup and is now with a stock transfer company. The stock is now listed on the stock exchange is with a trading number. Since the stock is not with a brokerage, how do I download the daily stock quotes?


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    1. Go to Tools > Add account and follow the instructions for adding an offline brokerage account. Do not add any securities for now.
    2. Go to Tools > Security List, click on Add security and follow the instructions for adding your stock, including the correct ticker symbol. Assuming it is now listed on a US exchange, Quicken should recognize its symbol and the price history since the listing date should download as part of the setup.
    3. Go to the account you created and enter your transaction history.
    4. If you want to record prices from before the stock was publicly traded, you can go to Tools > Security list and click on the stock name to open the Security Detail page. Click on More then Edit price history to enter the prices.
    Please post back if you have further questions.
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