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I have a saved report which I update each year for my new budget (e.g. "Budget 2022"). When I generate the report the correct report name is in the upper left corner: Budget 2022. But in a line below that in large bold type is says Budget 2017. It has been that way for several years and I cannot find a way to correct it. I have tried to attach and image of it but not sure if it will come through.


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    When you save a report I have a Report Name and a Description Name.  So 2 places.  Are you changing both of those?  Try Saving it again and checking.  

    I'm staying on Quicken 2013 Premier for Windows.

  • Thanks but didn't do it. I have never used the description name, just the report. I inserted a description name, closed the report and reopened it but it looks the same.
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    After customizing the report you have to Save it. Just customizing and closing the report won't result in any persistent changes.
    Click the floppy disc icon in the report header if you remember what a floppy disc looked like. Otherwise, press ALT-S.
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  • Thanks Robert, yes, I have saved the report. (I have been a CPA for almost 50 years, so I regret to say I know only too well what floppy discs are. I bought an IBM PC with dual floppy drives in 1982.) I don't know if you could see the picture I attached to my initial question, but it almost seems as though "Budget 2017" is hard coded on to the report. I cannot find anywhere that this heading can be edited.
  • I feel kind of dumb here, but I just found the solution. The name change option isn't under the Reports menu, it is in the Customize report (Alt + C) menu where you select the accounts for the report. I just needed to change the title in the Display section. I was looking in the wrong place. Thanks for your help.
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    The "Year" in that title is controlled by the custom date you put in:

    Exact same report, just with different custom dates.
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