Real Time Quotes providing prices for assets with NO ticker symbol

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I have a small portfolio of coins I track and manually update prices as I see fit. They are not assigned a ticker symbol for obvious reasons. That field is blank. After turning on Real Time Quotes I'm now getting an erroneous price added to my price history for these assets. I'm assuming this is a bug in Real Time Quotes as this has only just started after turning on this feature.


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    what version - Premier or HB
    - and what Release ..... Help --> About Quicken

    QWin - R54.16 - Win10

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    Confirmed.  Turn off the feature.  
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    Is it downloading the price for AAPL - about $156 today, or some other price?

    This is definitely a bug, but because your coins are not publicly traded securities, you should not be downloading prices anyway.  If you want, you should be able to keep using real time quotes for other securities, but turn off quote downloading for the coins by going to Tools > Security List and un-checking the Download Quotes box for those securities and any others that are not publicly traded.

    Forum Moderators sometimes review issues discussed here and refer them to Development, but if you want Quicken to work on a problem, I recommend you contact Support via phone.  Be sure the support agent understands the problem and gives you a ticket number for future reference.

    You should also use the Help > Report a Problem menu in Quicken to submit the issue online. In your submission, be as clear and thorough as possible. Reference the ticket number and provide a link to this discussion. Provide step by step instructions to reproduce the problem. You will not get a response to an electronic submission, but they say they review and prioritize the submissions. 

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    Thanks Jim - Never knew you could turn off individual securities. Adding comments in case quicken reads these and if I can replicate/isolate the root cause will report to quicken.

    I had the same issue as tedho with a manually created account and mutual funds without ticker symbols (institutional funds). No ticker and no CUSIP. I manually updated based on statements received quarterly. A few other proprietary/managed funds were doing it in retirement accounts where the watchlist was also checked. For those there was no ticker but is a CUSIP. Continuing to download that info but will monitor. I have removed the watchlist since that isn't utilized--probably not contributing but just in case. I like the real-time quotes but it has its limitations. For example after hours/before hours gives some funky results especially when looking at the daily change (zero) as a result of this feature. Especially when one updates late in the evening to get mutual fund final prices for a day. I know i can turn off the realtime which i may do. For quicken, added functionality to limit real-time quotes to when the market is open (turn-off after hours) would be wonderful.
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