Chase Bills (Q Mac)

The newest version of Quicken for Mac release notes says Quicken can now download Chase bills.  I was able to link to Chase but still appears you cannot pay the ebill with Quickpay.  Is that correct?  When I go to pay Chase by Quickpay i get the message that I cannot pay by Quickpay (but Quicken supports ebill downloads).  In short, Quicken will download the ebill but you cannot use Quickpay to pay it.  Is that right and will Quickpay ever be supported again?


  • Tom Young
    Tom Young SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    I'm on the "Windows" side of the house, but I'd think the problem has to do with Chase's decision to do away with Direct Connect as the downloading method in favor of Express Web Connect+.  (For whatever reason Quicken uses a term that's different from "Express Web Connect+" in the Mac versions, but it's the same downloading process.)
    Direct Connect allows for "2-way"  communication, allowing you to issue instructions to Chase, but Express Web Connect+ only allows for information to be downloaded into Quicken.  There's no ability for you to communicate from Quicken to Chase with Express Web Connect+, hence the ability to pay from within Quicken is permanently lost.
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