Are we able to modify the new dashboard to show our budgets? (Q Mac)

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I'm using Version 6.10.0 (Build 610.46245.100) for macOS 12.6 and we just received a new update with a Dashboard. Looks great by the way. However, I'm unable to modify what I can put on my Dashboard such as my budget which I was able to see in the old "Overview" screen. I know the new update will remove the Overview screen but will we have more access to personalize the Dashboard in the future or currently?


  • Jon
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    There are currently no cards for the dashboard other than the ones you see now. You can rearrange those 4 cards but can't add or remove any. 

    You might want to create a new suggestion for a budgeting dashboard card over in the Product Ideas forum so other users can vote for it.
  • Andre Zilio
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    I have the same Quicken version for Mac, running the same OS Level. The new dashboard feature seems interesting, but I'd rather keep the Overview option active longer, at least until you find a way to let users customize the dashboards to show what we need. The Overview dashboards are more useful to me than these new options just announced.
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    @crmelton313 @Andre Zilio The reason the Overview screen remains present in version 6.10 is that the Dashboard cards don't yet incorporate all the features from the Overview screen. I believe they are just letting users know that in the future — when more features are added to the Dashboard page — the Overview page will go away. I wouldn't expect them to make the Overview page disappear until they have added those additional capabilities. 
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  • ragush
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    Dashboard needs both Budget and Upcoming Bills and Income from the Overview.
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