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Running Quicken Premier v R44.27, build importing prices (for non US securities) from a csv file appears to run successfully as it displays its success dialog box, but it does not overwrite any existing prices for the date specified.
Is there a switch to enable prices to be updated during a day from csv imports, or do I need to modify my csv file which looks like the lines below?


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    If you have not already done so you might want to read this Support Article:
    Regarding your specific question, look toward the bottom of that Support Article to see the Hierarchy for prices entered.  If the prices currently entered in your Quicken file were entered via #1-#4, then importing prices via a CSV file will not overwrite them.  Prices imported from a CSV will overwrite only prices that came from previously entered manual transactions (#6 in the Hierarchy).
    If you want to enter new prices for some or all dates you can go to Security Detail > More > Edit Price History > manually edit or delete the price entries you want changed > if you delete the prices you can then import the new CSV securities prices which should populate the now missing price records.
    Does this answer your question?

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    Thank you that answers my question, I had missed the Hierarchy for prices entered
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