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  • PackerFan
    PackerFan Member
    Could you please add the ability to customize the Income & Expense Dashboard box. Presently the box is worthless, since it selects items from my investment transactions as well as the categories that I consider my actual income. I try to keep my investment income/loss separate. There are only certain categories that I would like to see in this dashboard box.
  • RioBlanco
    RioBlanco Member ✭✭
    It would be nice, if when viewing the Income and Expense, and Spending category pane of the new Home Dashboard, you could choose (much like in the investing dashboard) which accounts are to be included in this summary. I track multiple accounts in quicken and not all are relatable to a personal income and expense/spending Category. Thanks
  • Nehemiah
    Nehemiah Member
    Keep The Overview Feature!!! I prefer to see a graph and quickly get to subcategories. I hope it doesn't take another 5 years to develop software to change the new dashboard. I like being able to "quickenly" click sub categories. The new Dashboard only allows spending by category. This is too general and a move backwards.
  • revbob53
    revbob53 Member

    I like the idea of the dashboard but it is of no value to me unless I can customize which accounts and categories are included.

  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta

    The Quicken Mac product manager has said previously that they will be adding additional customizations to the Home Dashboard cards in a future release. One driving case is the Income & Expense card added in the 6.12 release; a lot of users have stated this card isn't useful until they can exclude investment income in retirement funds, or all investment income. The Dashboard was introduced late last year, and the developers have made enhancements to it in each release since. It's not clear what controls they are adding, or when they will be released, but I'd expect to see some such changes in the next release or two. They are also expected to add a Bills & Income card to the Dashboard, to allow them to retire the old Overview page.

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