Install subscription version without uninstalling version 2017

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I need to use my old version 2017 while I setup the new subscription version. However, the subscription installer insists on uninstalling my old version first. With a lot of life changes in the past several years, my old version has gobs of junk in it (accounts and categories), and I want to start over. But its going to take a while to get the new version setup. How can I keep 2017 and install the subscription too?


  • volvogirl
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    Just let your Q2017 data file convert to the new program.  Then start a new file.  You can have more than 1 data file.  

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    As mentioned, Quicken just uses external QDF data files for your Q2017 data storage…. Like MS Word uses DOC files.  Just install the new version, open the QDF data file.  Then you can create a new and differently named QDF file …,File —> New 
    You can see the name of the currently open QDF file in the far upper left corner of the screen. 

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    To answer your original question, you can't have QW2017 and subscription Q installed at the same time on a single instance of Windows.  If you run a Virtual Machine on your computer and have a second instance of Windows in it, you could run subscription in it.
    What neither @volvogirl or @ps56k2 did not mention is that the data files for QW2016, QW2017 & subscription all have the same format, so you can open and use the same file in any of them.
    NOTE:  If you uninstall QW2017, you will not be able to re-install it due to a recent change by Quicken in the registration process and QW2014 thru QW2017 can not be re-installed.  There is a work around though if you save the Quicken.ini file from QW2017. 

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