After the last update downloaded transactions do not complete when accepted. What ar the next steps.

10/16/2022; The downloaded transactions are not completing they appear to freeze. I have let to spin up to an hour before closing the program and reopening. This started after the update which occurred at opening today.


  • Tom Young
    Tom Young SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Please provide the Version number of Quicken after the update.  (Help > About Quicken)  Quicken now has a process of trickling out new versions on a random basis so you might be seeing a version "today" that other users might not even know about at this point.
    If you don't have Window's User Account Control (UAC) enabled, I'd suggest doing so as that's about the only way of having control over whether to allow a Quicken update, or not.
    The first thing I'd suggest doing is closing down Quicken, rebooting the computer, and trying again.  If that doesn't work and assuming you have a backup as of closing "yesterday" I'd suggest restoring that backup and not allowing Quicken to update. 
    Of course it's not clear if it's a properly-installed but buggy update that's causing the problem, an improperly installed good update, or something else that's causing the problem. 
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