how to manually reconcile an account? (Q Mac)

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The reconcile button is grayed out, so I can't seem t reconcile. Please help!


  • The Keeper
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    Have you tried "Tools" on the menu bar and then selecting "Reconcile?"

    Also, read this link
  • RickO
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    @Tamco As discussed in the above link, this is likely because you have selected an account group in the sidebar rather than an individual account. This might be because one or more sidebar groups are collapsed. Click the three dot (...) icon at the top of the sidebar, then Expand All Sidebar Groups. Then select a single account (not an account group) and see if the reconcile button is no longer grayed out.
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  • jacobs
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    Have you tried "Tools" on the menu bar and then selecting "Reconcile?"
    Just to avoid possible confusion, this reply was for Quicken Windows, not Quicken Mac; there is no Tools menu in Quicken Mac. Follow the advice in RickO's post above to click on a single account rather an an account group (e.g. "Cash" or "Credit Card") in the left sidebar, and then Reconcile should be available for you. 
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