What's the best way to track municipal grants in quicken?

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I'm looking for the best way to set up an account that can do the following:

1. Allows me to show the initial award balance
2. Draw down from that initial balance based upon spending
3. track state reimbursements that DO NOT increase the available monies

I need to show the award, my spending, and each individual item that is reimbursed by the government without the reimbursements increasing the available funds. I can't do this with the reconcile feature because I still need to reconcile the individual entries with my internal/municipal accounting department.


  • splasher
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    Something isn't making sense to me.  If the government is reimbursing you funds that were spent out of the grant, why wouldn't the available funds be increasing since they had previously been expended from the grant?
    Were the reimbursed expenditures not originally paid for by the grant?  If so, then you need two accounts, one for the grant's expenditures and one to track the expenditure and reimbursement of non-grant funds.
    If it is not any of what I have mentioned, then you need to provide further detail of how this all works.

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