reconcile procedures (Q Mac)

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it looks like you have changed the reconcile procedure. I absolutely can not use it. I think I have fixed an error, it will no let me complete the procedure. what have they done!


  • MontanaKarl
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    QMac reconciliation is super easy and has not changed as far as I know.  If you believe something has changed, please explain/detail it and, if possible, show a screenshot of what is "wrong".

    I assume you are using the most recent update, version 6.10?

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  • jacobs
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    You posted in two different threads, so I replied in the other one. It's probably best to continue this discussion there. But if you want to pursue it here, please provide more information about exactly what you're doing and seeing, and we can try to offer help. (I don't think anything has changed with the reconciliation part of the program anytime recently.)
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