Running Quicken Deluxe for MAC Unrealized gain / loss

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What is the quickest way to run this report. For the life of my I dont see a "unrealized button" described in prior discussions.


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    Click on Investing or Brokerage or a specific account in your left sidebar. Click on Portfolio and set your filters to Portfolio Value, By Security. The gain shown here is your unrealized gain. (If you sold shares, the realized gain/loss is viewable by setting the first filter to Realized Gain.) You can see total gain/loss, 1-month, 3-month, YTD, and 12-month gain/loss by making any of these columns visible in the register. You can print the register whenever you have it showing what you want. (Unfortunately, there's not yet any way to save this tweaked portfolio view as a saved report to run again in the future; you have to configure it each time if this is not your defat Portfolio setting.)
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    Thank you so much!
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