My BMO downloads add a code to each item how do I stop that

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When I download transactions from my bank of montreal,they add a code infront of the transaction to categorize what type of transaction it was.
Date Check # Payee Category Memo Payment Clr Deposit Balance
10/05/22 [PR]SOBEYS Silverad Groceries 18.21 c 1,533.66
The PR causes me issues when I search for a payee transaction . It cannot find it because it has the PR included in the name.
How do I stop it from doing that?


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    Does this happen for EVERY downloaded transaction from BMO? 
    If so, it's not apparent that Q is causing it and you'd need to contact the bank about the matter.
    BUT, I'm unclear about why you're having difficulties with the searches.  When I use the Search box in the upper right, on the title bar, it has no difficulty in finding strings that are partials and embedded within a full word ("tion" within National, for example). 
    But the Find box is unable to locate that same sub-string.

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    You know,actually you are correct. After I posted my querie,I went back in and played with the search box and it found whatever I was looking for. I originally searched in my yearend backup and couldn't find it until I left the code off. I must have missed something. Thanx for responding and correcting my error.
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