Citi Cards is still throwing CC-502 error even though support says is resolved

I've been trying to download transactions from Citi (Costco Anywhere Visa) for several days now, yet keep getting same CC-502 error. I found the issue was already reported here, but the support stream says it is resolved as of Oct 20:


  • Chris_QPW
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    Express Web Connect for Citibank has been a constant problem on and off for years.
    For real solution for Citi Cards/Costco Anywhere Visa is to use Direct Connect instead.

    To switch between Express Web Connect you need to deactivate downloading of transactions on the Account Details -> Online Services tab.  And then use Tools -> Add Account.  Use Citi Cards for the financial institution and use these instructions to get Direct Connect:

    When you get to the prompt in Quicken that shows your online accounts be sure to link it to your existing account in Quicken instead of creating a new one.
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