Capital One Auto Finance - unable to reauthorize

RenaLevene Member
Hi. Ever since the new reauthorization protocol went into effect, I was able to reauthorize my Capital One credit card connection. However, I'm unable to reauthorize my Capital One Auto Finance connection. I get a message that it's "not yet supported". Any thoughts as to how I can get it reauthorized? Has anyone else run into this? Thanks.


  • Tom Young
    Tom Young SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Have you spoken to Chase about this?  Maybe that message of "not yet supported" is exactly correct. 
    Frankly, with all the problems that seem to exist with "downloading" loans I'd probably go the route of making that loan a "manual" loan in Quicken, though I can see the advantage of a downloading auto loan since those loans and Quicken's loan "wizard" can't seen to get along.
  • RenaLevene
    Thanks - it's actually Capital One, not Chase. I haven't messaged them. I may just give up and switch that loan to manual. It's getting paid off in four months anyway. It just annoys me that it won't show the correct balance. I think I might just move along, unless someone else comes up with a solution. Much appreciated!
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