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Hi All,

I have a macro that exports a Quicken report to .xslx then updates an Excel spreadsheet.

Today, after an upgrade, when I have the Quicken report open, the "Export report data to different formats" link consistently opens in the wrong file location, which messes up the macro.

Is there a way to specify a default file location for this action? Otherwise, I have to re-do the macro which I'd like to avoid.

Many thanks community! :)



  • jvoorhes
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    FYI--I came up with a cheesy workaround so I don't have to re-do the macro. Still don't see a way to specify a default file location though.
  • UKR
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    Does the macro start Quicken in order to generate the report? Or is it started after you start Quicken yourself.
    Please remember that Quicken remembers the last used data file name in a configuration file, to be used next time you start Quicken from the regular Quicken desktop icon.
    For reference, if you open the File Menu in Quicken, the currently active data file name is listed at the bottom as the first of up to 4 files, e.g.,
    1 C:\Users\Username\Documents\Quicken\QDATA
    2 ...
    3 ...
    4 ...
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    My preference has always been to copy the report to the clipboard, switch to Excel file, then paste the report starting at the desired upper left cell.  No quicken-generated .xlsx file is needed.  Would that help? 
  • jvoorhes
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    thank you both--I run the macro with Quicken already open; it's first step is to put the focus on Quicken.

    So, I did make it work with a slightly cheesy workaround--the macro overwrites an Excel spreadsheet then saves it. The macro wants this spreadsheet to be third in the list so I just created two empty Excel spreadsheets in the new file location called A.xslx and B.xslx which seems to be working.
  • Chris_QPW
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    On the subject of what is the default location for the exported Excel report, it seems to be the same folder as where the data file is.  There isn't any way to change this default other than moving the Quicken data file to another folder.
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