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Discover - Opening Balance changed?

Went to reconcile my Discover account today. Encountered a situation where all of my reconciled transactions were recorded and I still had an unreconciled balance. Matched up the monthly transactions and still a balance. I dug into the account deeper and found that in comparing a prior version of Quicken Discover transaction list had a differing value for the opening balance. Old version was zero. Current value was $340.15. Both transactions were reconciled in both transaction sets. How is Quicken updating a record back from 2003 opening balance?

I know how to solve, revert my transaction from 2003 back to the zero value it had before. However, how many other accounts did this happen to with the last update?


  • fanfare
    fanfare Member, Windows Beta Beta
    edited October 2022
    If you deactivate download, and then reenable, it downloads a history AND changes your opening balance.
    I've seen this with banking and credit accounts.
    It is an issue.
  • Chris_QPW
    Chris_QPW Member ✭✭✭✭
    Discover recently dropped Direct Connect and people were forced to change to Express Web Connect.

    The changing of the opening balance transaction bug that has been around for years seems to be mostly triggered on Express Web Connect when changing connection types or when resetting the connection.
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