Call options transaction error???

Glen Raggio
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I noticed that the call options transaction report (see attached), I believe has a glitch in the mathematics presentation.  However the _RzldGain has the correct results.  I think the CvrShrt value in this example should read 0.8000(Quote/Price) x 500.00 (Shares) =  -$(400.00) Cash.   Please help.


  • Tom Young
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    This report looks to be a customized Investment Transactions report focusing on one sale of a covered call and that covered call's repurchase, similar to this one:
    The presentations are consistent between the two reports and it has always worked this way.  Focusing only on the "Cash" aspects of the trade, you received $975 when you sold the call, you spent $400 to repurchase the call.  Minus $975 + $575 = $400, which is exactly correct, and the net change in cash from the two legs of the transaction is plus $575, which is also correct. 
    This makes more sense if you tack on the two remaining columns of the report, "Amount Invested" and "Cash+Invest."  In the Amount Invested column the ($975) is shown as a positive, offsetting the original (now negative) $975, for a total of $0, representing that the security is gone, and the $575 ends up in the Cash+Invest column, representing in this case a gain.
    Confusing?  A bit.
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