Downgrade Quicken from Home and Business to Deluxe

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I currently have Quicken Home and business for Windows, but we are in our retirement years and the business part has been changed to a lesser need. Can I downgrade the version of Quickens when I get a new subscription and still have the Old data to view? To also NOTE, I got a newere computer (Windows 11) that has not had Quicken on it.


  • NotACPA
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    Yes you can downgrade ... and your data will remain intact.
    The special H&B features will be gone, and your H&B specific account types will become regular Q accounts ... but the data will all be there.

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    The Quicken QDF data file is the same for all versions. Also, the Quicken software is the same for all versions… your User ID controls what version features you have paid for, and therefore enables/disables them as appropriate 

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    Please be sure to read to learn about renewal, upgrade, downgrade feature levels and installing/downloading the software.

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