I Bonds Oct 28 Last Day to Get 9.62%

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For you I bond fans, tomorrow Oct 28 is the last day to order your I bonds to get the 9.62% interest rate for the next 6 months.  After Nov 1, the rate adjusts to ~ 6.48%, still a respectable rate.

TreasuryDirect.com has been plagued with instability today and likely tomorrow.  Expect "cant reach site" errors at anytime through the purchase process, after which you get to restart the whole process.


  • mrzookie
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    I jumped in 4 days ago, before the site got creamed. New rate is more of a drop than I expected, but still worth it.

  • Chris_QPW
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    I sort of wonder what the drop in the interest rates says about the believe of the Fed on future inflation.  It would really be interesting to see the system they use for modeling what the next 6-month interest rate should be.
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