401k Transfered from vangaurd to fidelity

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My company recently move all the employees 401K accounts from Vangaurd to Fidelity
how do i move the data and 1. close the vangaurd account 2. get the 401k account to show up on my existing fidelity account as it already has user and pw


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    Do you hold EXACTLY the same securities at Fidelity that you held at Vanguard?
    If yes, I'd be inclined to simply disconnect the account from Vanguard and re-connect to Fidelity.
    Are you now holding Vanguard funds in your account at Fidelity?  If so, a simple disconnect/reconnect will still work.
    BUT, it's also possible that you hold different securities now.  In which case I'd SELL the securities in the Vanguard account, transfer the cash to the Fidelity account and make appropriate purchases there.

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