Why can't I select Custom Dates on the new Dashboard? (Q Mac)

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The new dashboard does not allow me to select custom dates for the reports (like "spending by category"). I can select things like "year to date", "last month", etc, but I want to select "Jan 1 thru Sept 30", for example. The old Overview is going away, need Custom Dates on the new Dashboard which is replacing it.


  • jacobs
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    I can't answer for the developers, but I think the answer is that you're thinking of the Dashboard as a place to generate reports, and that's not the intent. If you want a customizable spending by category report, you can create one under Reports. The concept of the Dashboard, I think, is to allow users to take a quick glance at their data from a variety of views, but not to fully duplicate what you can do via Reports.

    You're asking for custom dates for spending by category. Other users want to limit the spending view by accounts, or to add income categories, etc. If they allow complete customization of the data in the Dashboard, it ends up with a more complex user interface and in the end competes with the functionality already built into Reports. Whereas the developers' intent seems to be that the dashboard offers multiple views of your data with some limited timeframe customization. And perhaps adding custom dates could be easily accomplished; it's a fair request. I'm just not sure their approach to the Dashboards will lead to that. 
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  • DocGer, the old Overview does not have "Custom Dates" available from the main report, but you can get there by clicking on one of the categories in the pie chart, then clicking "Clear Filters". At that point you can select "Custom Dates". It's very inconsistent and inconvenient, seems like it would be fairly easy to add Custom Dates on all of the Date pulldowns to make it easy for the user, instead of forcing us to search for a workaround.
  • Jacobs, I'm looking for a quick pie chart of my spending for whatever dates I desire. I don't know if you can create a pie chart from the Reports menu. I can export a report to Excel and create a pie chart there, but that's adding a lot more steps. Seems like a custom date on the dashboard wouldn't be very hard to add.
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