Has anybody experienced this? Can't type into text fields [edited]

dbaxfan Member ✭✭
My data field boxes are not working, the boxes with the flashing cursor where you enter data,................LIKE YOUR PASSWORD TO OPEN QUICKEN!!!

Started noticing this a few days ago. Whenever I was in a data field box and started typing only about half of what I typed was in the field and the cursor stopped blinking. Thought maybe I hit the mouse or tab button by accident. It only happened occasionally so I didn't think anything of it.

Today I try to get into Quicken and I can't enter my password. The password box opens, the cursor blinks about 6 times, stops, and then it doesn't respond to my keypad. Yes, I changed batteries in wireless keyboard, and no it doesn't do this in any other program or app.

After 20+ years of using Quicken I am getting fed up with all the updates that only seem to screw things up even more. Stupid little issues like this shouldn't be happening!!


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